Thursday 6 March 2014

More angry birds

Hi everyone,

this is my 4th post for today, I must be having a run. As I sent my girls straight to the bath tub  after school (it'll be too late for that after dinner with my in-laws), I had some time left, to assemble the last birthday loot bags. Most of it was already prepared, so that it was really just assembly...

No, please don't ask how many kids will be coming. I created 20 bags, because on first count we're at 17 guests (my own not included) and I probably still forgot someone. But 6 are younger siblings, that don't really count, but still have to get a loot bag in the end.

As you can see below, I got two differnt kinds of bags, because I bought them in two diffent shops. I thought they were the same, because they are from the same company, but there is a slight difference. I like the slimmer ones better.

I think I'll dream of angry birds tonight.

See you

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