Tuesday 4 March 2014

Birthday invitations

Hi there,

I haven't been very creative lately, and I still seem to be unable to overcome this. But this week-end I did at least make a start on the invitiations for my daughters' 8th birthday. It is in June, so I am pretty early, but the theme has been decided before Christmas, so why not start. The schedule will get tight in the end anyway, then I'll be happy to have the invitations all done.

I also created invitations for a friend of mine. Her foster son't birthday is coming up soon and she is always pretty busy. So I offered to create his invitations as well.

I have to admit: None of the 2 designs is my own, thanks to Tami for the great ideas and funny how-to-videos. I fell in love with these designs months ago, when I first saw them and new I had to use them for something.

So here they are: My dauthers want an angry birds birthday, and I'll use this design for the loot bags as well. But I haven't started on these yet. I am still searching for a creative idea to make the white envelops match better. But I think my dauthers solved the issue already by drawing a lot of angry birds to cut out.

And here's for my friend's foster son. He's going to be five. I quite like the little man, he has had a hard life so far, and he can be such a darling. I really hope he'll like spiderman.

Happy crafting

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  1. Both very nice. The mothers will be impressed, I think.