Wednesday, 13 November 2019

CASEing Cactus

Hi Crafters,

how are you doing?
Did I say "all will be well" last week? Turned out there was still another blow to come: my car needs expensive repairs, that ruined my week-end quite a bit and I wasn't much in a mood to create.

But I have recovered from the lack of motivation and created a card last night.

To overcome the block, I remembered this card I loved a lot, that created years ago and decided to use the same concept again.

It was actually a CASE itself, at the time there was a challenge to CAS(e) the Design team of create a smile.

 I really loved how my chameleon turned out, so I decided to re-create it with a different stamp and sentiment. So here is my new take on it:

I like the first attempt better, I think I should have used smaller stamp. The way it is, it's mostly just cups of the muted images.

Lots of love

Friday, 8 November 2019

Kunterbunte Geburtstagsgrüße

Hello Crafters, 

how have you been? I am having a bad week. Stressful times at the office, lots of appointments, and caught my self some stupid ear infection that's bugging me. But it's almost the week-end, all will be well.

Today's card came together so easy, once I had started.

I started out by colouring several stamped images, because I was not in the mode for a complete card. Among them that funny armadillo. Since anything that is vaguely stripey sparks rainbow associations in my brain, I coloured his belt in a rainbow. I loved how that turned out, so I wanted to absolutely use that image. 

I gave him his hill to ground him, with just a bit of ink blending. Then I wanted to do a colourful greeting. My go to for individual letters is this Alphabetical die. So I water coloured some pieces of paper and cut out the letters. The compete sentiment means "Motley Birthday greetings", which makes a lot more sense in German. 

I also added a matching envelope with a paler version of the same image. 

What I don't like about that card, is that I didn't think when cutting out the letters, that the same colours would end up right beside each other. I would have wanted that mixed up more. But when I realised it, I didn't want to do all the letters again, so I went with it. 

Also I should have placed them slightly closer to the black sentiment.

Wishing you all a lovely day

Seize the Birthday: Anything goes Birthday
Addicted to Stamps and More: #366 Anything goes
Stemelküche: Regenbogen / Rainbow
Always Fun Challenges: #135 Watercolours
Day of the month card club: #9 Look for circles Day

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Metallic watercolour and a butterfly

Hello Friends, 

how are you?

For today's card, I created a striped panel with metallic watercolours, in a rose gold shade. Since I thought that was a bit busy for a full background, I used only a strip of it and added a white panel with a scalloped edge on top with foam adhesive. 

Then I coloured my butterfly with my regular watercolour set, blending pink and grey into each other. 
Since the colour had muted my lines and I already had removed the stamp from my stamping tool, I had to channel my inner Kelly and outline everything. Then I cut out the image and adhered only the body to a grey circle so, the wings can fly up.

I am still struggling where to put a sentiment and in which way. I might leave it as it is. Any suggestions are welcome, since I have been pondering this for over a week now.

Have a beautiful day

Always Fun Challenges: #135 Watercolours
Simon says Stamp: Anything goes

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Birthday Butterfly

Hello Everyone, 

how are you doing?

This is the second card I mentioned a while ago.

I wanted to try out a new pad of water colour paper I got at a rather cheap chain store nearby. They sell a lot of craft supplies, among them the flamingo embossing folder. I got the paper pad because it's very bright white, but I didn't expect much of the quality. And a true water colour artist would most probably not use it. But for my needs it did perform okay. 

I wanted to try the butterfly (also from that store) at the same time, and thought I might practise some no line colouring with my ZIG markers. Finding out that my antique linen ink pad was very dry, I stamped the butterfly in yellow ink, since I originally intended to use yellow for my colouring as well. I changed the plan and used blues and a very pale brown. So now there are still very light yellow and greenish veins visible in real life. I chose a dark brown for the body and also added the sentiments in very dark brown ink. In hindsight I would have preferred only one sentiment.

Since there was no black on the card, I didn't want to use a black or grey card base. I fussed about quite a bit, deciding on the card base colour. I didn't have matching card stock and thought about inking direct to paper, but since tumbled glass and antique linen both need to be re-inked I had to abandon that idea (I don't have the re-inkers at home). In the end I picked vintage photo distress ink and very very lightly blended some of it on a white card base, just enough to achieve a lighter version of the colour I used for the butterfly. I like how that turned out very much.

I had to shorten the card base about half a centimetre from the usual standard card size (German size = 10,5 by not quite 15 cm), because the paper pad is almost but not quite A4 format, meaning it's one cm short. But that truly doesn't bother me. 

By now I have used the same paper for 4 cards, and I really like it. It's surely not good for a true painting, but for background techniques that require water or very simple colouring it's just fine.

Lots of love

Seize the Birthday: Anything goes Birthday
Simon says Stamp: Anything goes

Friday, 1 November 2019

A fall card

Hey Crafters, 

today I'd like to show you a more fall-like Halloween card. I needed a card to invite our Granddad to our Halloween party, but he is obviously not much into Halloween. For him, it's about seeing his grandchildren. 

So I wanted a card that didn't scream Halloween - or at least not very loudly. 

So I thought this image would be perfect, a Halloween pumpkin, but also with the option to make it more fall themed. Besides, my sister-in-law has a dog like that, who he used to baby sit.
So I added the additional falling leaves and coloured it all with my ZIG markers. 

Initially I had coloured the inside of the jack-o-lantern yellow, to make it glow, but then my daughter pointed out, that if the dog is sitting inside it, it wouldn't be lighted. So I changed it to very dark grey. What do you think? Is he sitting inside or standing behind it?

See the leave up top, that is half cut off? I had to add that, because the liquid adhesive seeped out when I glued the panel to the card base, and it looked really bad. Luckily it's barely visible now. 

The sentiment says simply invitation.

Lots of Love

Always Fun Challenges: #134 Halloween
Shopping our stash: #407 Halloween
Addicted to stamps and more: #365 Photo

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Halloween invitations

Hi Halloween Fans,

are you already looking forward to to tonight? Or dreading it?

I admit, I am a secret fan. Officially of course, I celebrate it only for the children's sake, especially since it is not traditionally celebrated in Germany, where I live. 
However, the spooky decorations are right up my sleeve. 

The past years, we have always made a party with friends, but last year we were already preparing for our move in December, so we had to skip that year. My girls were very reasonable about it, but I had to promise them, we would have a party again this year.

However, the younger of my girls enjoyed last years alternative plan (trick or treating with their little cousin) so much, she wanted to do that again this year, while my older one insisted on the promised party.
They both insisted on their point of view, not even an attempt at a compromise.

In the end, we decided to cut back on the creepy decorations and make a party with the little ones (two cousins and a half brother). Since they are still very young, they will not stay late and we will still have time to watch a film together.

That finally decided with little more than a week to go, I had to create some last minute invitations, to make it a proper party. 

I coloured both images with ZIG markers, sticking to a Halloween colour scheme. For the unicorn, I created the glow with yellow ink blending, but I was not entirely happy with the result, so I tried yellow water colour on the second image.

Did you notice I missed a leaf on the pumpkin? I didn't my daughter pointed it out to me, so I fixed that later. I also added some silver accents on the horn with a gel pen.

For a dramatic vignette, I added Distress Oxides around the whole panel, darkening the very edges with black. 

Then I die cut the letters and stamped the sentiment, which reads "Let's celebrate Halloween".

The effect is not entirely how I imagined, but I am still okay with it. 

Have a lovely day

Always Fun Challenges: #134 Halloween
Shopping our stash: #407 Halloween
TCP Tuesday: #362 Fall 

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Film strip Birthday card

Hi Crafters, 

how is life treating you? 

Today I'd like to show you another of the stencilled card panels I created a while ago. I have three sets of 15x15 cm stencils from a cheap dutch chain store nearby. One of them inspired me to create my new stamp storage boxes and I wanted to try out a few more of the designs.

One of them has these lines of arrows. I masked off three of them and blended a strip across my card. That looked a bit empty, so I added 2 more lines in green in between. I had originally intended to use a circle and an image on top of that strip. But since I messed up the blending on the centre line of arrows, I needed to cover that up.

To do so, I picked this film strip die and stamped the smallest critter stamps I could find on the individual windows. Since the images are so small, Polychromos pencils seemed to be the easiest option for some very simple colouring.

Then I adhered the film strip and the panel itself with foam adhesive to a white card base. In hindsight, I think I would have preferred the filmstrip flat. 

My girls immediately claimed the card for one of their friends, who's birthday is coming up. I however am not entirely content with it. I think I'll try the same idea and change it up a bit sometime.

Have a beautiful day


Seize the Birthday: Anything goes Birthday

Sunday, 27 October 2019

A sentiment tree

Hello Crafters, 

I do hope you are all well. 

I have another Christmas card for you today. I created it with the same sentiment tree I used for my last Christmas card. I actually made these cards in parallel.

This time I wanted to do a galaxy kind of background, but in the end I covered up all the colours I put underneath. So it's just an uneven watercolour background with gold embossing. Since the embossing was not very prominent, I lightened the centre area with white pigment ink and darkened the edges with black soot distress ink to create the vignette. 

To tie in the gold embossing I added the same embossing powder to the edges of the card base. 
Unfortunately the sentiment is still not very legible, but at least a bit better. 

Lots of love

CAS(E) this Sketch: #345 


Saturday, 26 October 2019

Another Butterfly card

Hello Crafters,

today it's my daughter's turn again. She was inspired by the water coloured butterfly I created a while ago and wanted to use the same stamp.  But then she liked this smaller butterfly better.

She used alcohol markers to colour it in shades of lavender and purple. I love the blending she achieved. She picked a grey card base and a white panel and embossed the panel with a 3D embossing folder. Then she added a sentiment die cut, which she also coloured with a lavender gradient. 

I love it, when my girls are creative with me, it's always a relaxed time between us, which isn't always the case. 13 being the age, when parents start to get (even more) strange and embarrassing... 

Wishing you all a nice day

AAA Cards: #152 Maxi white space +geometric


Friday, 25 October 2019

Murphy's wreath

Hello Crafters, 

I hope you are all well. I had a nice surprise yesterday, to cheer me up. My Llama card made it in the top three over at Cardz 4 Guyz. Thanks you so much!

Today's card on the other hand, is a bit of a catastrophe, I am still not sure I'd really like to show it. 

I loved how my wreath turned out the other day, so I wanted to use the same stamp again, but create a different card.

I decided to heat emboss it on a piece of vellum and colour it from the back with my alcohol markers. That turned out very muted which I had expected, but still didn't like. So I added more colour from the front, taking care not to touch the embossing too much. That was much better, but got lost a bit on the striped background I had created with my metallic water colours. 
  So, I dared to double up the vellum. Since I didn't want the adhesive to show, I covered the complete area with liquid glue, believing the markers already dry. Well, they were not, if you look closely you can see quite a bit of bleeding around the image. 

That's when I was ready to trash it, but my youngest insisted for me to continue and decide that the bleeding was deliberate... 

So I cut out the wreath, leaving a border and adhered it to my silver striped card base with tiny pieces of foam squares - that's the upside, the double vellum and colour completely hides the adhesive.

Wanting to dress up the matching envelope, I added the same stripes to the flap and framed the address area. But I really didn't like how that looked, so I also added a few whimsical flowers, which I thought matched the wreath in style and coloured them with ZIG markers - not alcohol this time.

I still think this card is not right, maybe I should have added a black edge (tried that, looked like a sympathy card)? Or doodled stitching? Or trashed it after all? But since it's finished now, I'll keep it. Maybe inspiration strikes in a week or two... 
Any suggestions are welcome.


Just Add Ink: #480 Just add a technique (heat embossing on vellum)