Tuesday 11 March 2014

C&S 3, Day 1: More layered die cuts

Hi there,

I haven't even tried any of the other techniques yet, I am wildly in love with the layered inlays.This time I didn't really layer them, because I wanted to use my positive watercolored flowers from the previous card. So here they are:

The die cuts on the card are the ones I wanted to use, the ones on  the envelop are the those I cut from the white panel. I watercolored them with distress inks. They are less vibrant than the original flowers, but I am very content with them anyway. It wasn't watercolor paper, so I had to be careful with them, especially as they are so intricate.

For the splodges on the kraft cardstock I dotted on some IZINK in Jasmine (white). I first tried the watered down version from my mister bottle, but that turned to transparent when it dried. The pure stuff did it. And as I don't have any liquid ink in brown or black that I could have used, I used a stamp with 3 little dots for the darker ones.

I have still some ideas for layered cards, I hope I will eventually try out the two other techniques as well. And tomorrow there'll be more already. Maybe I can catch a cold somewhere, so I needn't go to work?


Virginia's View Challenge # 1: Watercolor 


  1. Beautiful! Love the colours

  2. The vibrancy of the watercolors really come through in your design, Ela! Love this happy and cheery design! Thanks so much for linking up to Virginia's View Challenge!

  3. Your card is very lovely. I adore the vibrant colors of your flowers.

  4. Very pretty. I like the diecut inlay technique as well. Do you think those diecuts on the envelope will go through the mail OK, or will you hand-deliver this card?

    What is IZINK?

    1. That's one of the cards that I'll probably hand deliver, for 2 reasons: First the delicate die cuts on the envelop and secondly because I really like this card and I want to see if the receipient likes it too... ;)

      But maybe I should try mailing a similar card to my self, to see if the die cuts make it through the mail... I think I'll do that some time.

      IZINKs are French product I found a while ago, I wrote a little about them in this post: http://elaestla.blogspot.de/2014/03/gelli-printed-happy-birthday-and-a.html

      I had not heard of them before, which is just natural as none of the US crafter will write about them, being a european product and probably not available or expensive in the USA. But that's one of the reasons I wanted to try them out... Finally something I don't have to import from overseas. ;)