Tuesday 11 March 2014

C&S 3 Day 1: I am still layering

Hello there,

I still have not moved on to the other techniques, but I decided that it's okay. If that's what my heart desires, who am I to tell it otherwise? There'll be plenty of time (okay, not plenty, time is what I never seem to have) to do the other techniques...

This card took me just about forever, I was actually planning to do something entirely different, playing with my Gelatos and trying to create a nice background for my dies. As these have to dry a little, I started on several backgrounds, layering several wasches of color and gesso. This one was the one I considered done and dry first.

The color scheme reminded me of sunset, so I decided to have the circle look like a sun. This made me think of a hope theme, so I chose feathers and a Get Well sentiment. For  the feathers I had first thought of a sihouetted look, but then black feathers seems somehow creepy and not at all hopeful, so I went for white and a contrasting colored one. I chose blue, because it would stand out  most and also because blue and orange are complementary colors.

The blue feather gave me a hard time, I wanted an uneven look, with darker and lighter blues, but I only have the one light blue Gelato. So I went back to my favorite of my daughters' craft supplies, the Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 pencils. If you don't know them, they are very chunky and somewhere inbetween a colored pencil and a wax crayon. They are water soluable and work great for watercoloring. The colors are very vibrant with good coverage.

I coated the feather with my blue gelato, and added droplets of darker blue on the wet feather, so the colors could flow and blend. I also flicked on some white droplets with my IZINK Jasmine.

I added the panel to a white card base and created a matching envelop. Unfortunately a little color got under the mask for the address, so I'll probably have to stick on an address sticker after all.

This card was definately neither clean nor simple, except for  the fact that it ended with only one layer (on top of the cardbase), but it was really fun, and such a creative mess. But I fear that's probably the only card I finish tonight.

Happy craftig

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