Saturday 8 March 2014

Another Stenciled card

Hi there,

today I wanted to show you a card that I created after Kristinas idea from Stenciled. I created this one a while ago and never meant to post it,  because it is so close to Kristina's original. And I messed it up too. Stamping a two stamp sentiment, I managed to stamp the "happy" crooked and the birthday with a bend. So I wanted to through it away, but somehow it got in a stack of supplies and I forgot about it, until I found it last night and decided to try and save it.

I stamped the sentiment again (straight this time) on a scrap strip of cardstock, which I cut to cover the whole card left to right. Then I stenciled the same splodges onto the strip, so it looks like a continuous image and raised it on some foam adhesive.

Now it is still pretty close to Kristina's card, but at least a little different.

But I have more for you right now. I'd like to introduce you to my most used and least regarded stamp:

It says "handmade" in German, and gets stamped on the back of all of my cards. Usually in a color that matches the card somehow, sometimes only in watermark or clear embossing.

I love this stamp a lot, because it's unobstrusive and small.

See you later

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