Saturday 13 September 2014

Starry Treat Box

Hello Crafters,

did you see the fantastic treat boxes Laura Bassen created a while ago? I simply adore them!

I absolutely wanted to create some of my own, and wish I had the same stampset. I don't, so I checked what stamps I have to replace them. I bought a set with stars and arrows a few month back, and haven't really used it yet, so I decided to take some ink to that. 

As I still had the grey cardstock out from my kingfisher birthday card, so I used it for the box and  I decided to go with a similar color combo, with teals grey and white for the sleeve:

I used The Crafty Owl's Box Buster to sized the envelop so it would fit 2 Kinder Country bars.


Box                      2x5x9 cm
Paper                   14,9x14,9 cm
1st Punchline      7,5 cm
2nd Punchline     10,3 cm

I also got 2 other small chocolate bars, to check what dimensions they would need, but I can't find them anymore. I suspect my daughters found them.

Maybe I should have made the sleeve a little smaller, so you can see more of the box?
Anyway I am pretty happy with it for a first try, and I think I will make these as Christmas gifts for the teachers. I have two winter stampsets from Lawnfawn with tiny images that I imagine would fit perfectly. And I wouldn't even have to create an extra card, I could just include the sentiment on the sleeve, like I did with this one. Christmas is a busy time after all...

Hope you have a great day


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