Monday 29 September 2014

Coffee to warm the heart

Hey Crafters,

did you see, Chaitali has an open blog hop right now over at her blog. I absolutely wanted to participate in it, even though I've returned home from a long day at work to whining daughters (don't ask me, they 're not willing to talk about their "stupid day")...

So despite my current lack of creativity I pulled out my only coffee related stamp and one of my prepared cardbases with embossing paste and started stamping and water coloring.

But it turned out all wrong, I was too impatient at one point and didn't wait long enough, so the blue bled into the orange. Then I wanted to adhere sequins, but I don't have white ones and I don't think I would have liked blue, so I used a Perl Pen to create some pearlescent faux enamel dots. Which didn't turn out righ either, they were way too pointy. 

In the end I wasn't happy at all and started over. This time I colored the image with my alcohol markers. I am not good at that at all, but as I had messed up watercoloring I went for it anyway. I also scratched off the dots and replaced them with dots from a non perlescent white fluffy pen, which looked much better and not pointy at all. 

As I didn't have a warm grey and didn't want to use cool grey to create the shadow I used antique linen distress ink and a tombow blender pen to ground the fox. 

So, have a cup of coffee and good night

P.S: I replaced the original picture with a daylight shot, as promised. I also cut off a tiny strip at the bottom and rounded the corners again, so the embossing paste would go all the way to the edge. And I created an envelop with antique linen distress ink. I am leaving the original picture in the post, to avoid messing up the linkup of the blog hop.

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