Sunday 14 September 2014

Another bird card

Hi Crafters,

When I created my ant card, I colored too much emossing paste green for the grass, so I smeared the rest of it onto a white card panel with the well rounded stencil. I had in mind to use it as  out of focus foliage in the background for my next bird card.

I wanted to use my bird stencil with other colors, so I went for a yellowhammer look, with greenish yellow and light browns.

I didn't have enough embossing paste for the envelop, and didn't want to color any more, so I just sponged on some more green dots with the same stencil.

It's pretty much the same concept as before, but still a different look. I do like the blues better though.

I also used the time by girls spent with their Dad to re-organize my paper collection. I didn't like what I had, it neither fit my space well, nor was I finding it very convenient.

I've always wanted a wooden shelf and tought about constructing one myself. But then I decided to go for a cheaper solution and went to Ikea to get 6 packs of yellow Tjena Magazine files (there are 2 in each pack).

It fits my crafty mess quite nicely, because I already use Tjena boxes (with compartments) to organize all the little bits on my desk, like pens, scissors, brushes etc. 

I know, that looks a terrible mess, but it has a system. There are two boxes, one for my daughters and one for me. Each box has 12 compartments and each compartment has it's own kind of supplies. One for brushes, two for adhesives (all the differnt types need a lot of space), one for Gelpens, one for cutting devices, etc. I also bought a smaller box of which I use both box and lid for larger things and miscellaneous mess. And I also still use an old plastic box, just because the length of it fits so nicely.

So, that's it for today, lots of love

Simon says stamp: Make your own background

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