Tuesday 16 September 2014

Dusty Crophopper

Hello Everyone,

today my friend's son will start Kindergarten and my friend feared that he might feel put in the shade by his older sister, who started school only a few days ago, with school cone and gifts and everything.

So I decided to get him a few small gifts in a little school cone and a card too. I did the same for his sister. I found a nice little cone in a shop, with Dusty Crophopper on it. 

Therefore I created a Dusty card to go with it:

I started by drawing the plane from the internet with a copic liner. I can't color anything I print, because my printer's ink bleeds with both copics and water color. Then I wet the paper all around the plane and colored it blue wet on wet. I lifted of some clouds with a tissue and added some grey shadows underneath the clouds to make them look realistic. 

I didn't like them at all at first and thought I'd totally messed up and would have to start over again, but after I added some more blue and grey and some water to blend they turned out ok. 

Then I colored Dusty in orange and grey, trying to get in lights and shadows as close as possible to my reference.

I thought about adding a sentiment, but decided against. I have none that fits, I'll just write inside what I want to say. My friend tends to keep everything, so she might even want to frame it for his room - it's "Cars" themed, so Dusty would fit in... 

I created an orange envelop to match from some cardstock I had.

Have a great day

Simon says stamp: Make your own background

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