Sunday 20 April 2014

More doodles and watercolors

Hello Crafters,

my little virus knocked me off my feet for almost a week, but now I am fine again.

I created another doodle card when I was ill, because it was the only thing I felt up to, I practically lived in bed for several days, unable to read, sleep properly or do anything usefull.

Here it is:

And I will probably do a few more during the next week, because we are visiting my parents. I naturally can't take much supplies there, but some paper and a black pen will surely do me some good.

I'd also like to show you a watercolor card I painted for my daughters. They need new bikes this year, the old ones are too small now. So we decided to give them the bikes as easter gift. A bit much for easter, you might say,  but we'd need to buy bikes anyway, and by the time the girls have their birthday, the summer is half over...

As we wanted the girls to be able to chose, so we decided on a gift card:

I had a bit of a hard time, drawing a  bike, until I decided to check the Internet for a reference. That helped a lot to get it right, and the good thing about watercolor is, that it needn't be too realistic...  I am pretty proud how it turned out.

Happy easter

Thursday 10 April 2014

Doodle update

Hi Crafters,

I caught an evil virus, which struck at the speed of light. At 3 I was still fine, at 5 in bed with fever and all kinds of aches... My daughters stayed with my sister-in-law last night and will stay with their gransparents tonight, so I can take a rest and just sleep. I am so grateful, that the family cares for us. 

Anyhow, even if your ill, you can't sleep 24 hours. There'll always come a time, when you can't lie down anymore. Being unable to do anything much, I created a matching envelop for my doodle card and finally decided on a red Hello.

This is surely  no technique for a quick card, but it's somehow relaxing the mind - not the hand though.

I also wanted to show you, how I startet off with the card. I had intended to do step by step pictures, but forgot them entirely during the process. But at least the first I can show:

So, back to bed for me, I had only started my computer to upload a new audio book on my mp3 player anyway...

Stay healthy

Tuesday 8 April 2014


Hello Everyone,

I had a pretty unproductive week, in every aspect. My daughters were home ill all week, though not ill enough to keep quiet. Without school to power them out, they are pretty "lively"...

I had strained my back on the week-end, so contrarily to my girls I was on low energy all week, which is definitely not the best combination.

But this week the girls are back in school, so I have peace and quiet in my home office once again.

So I didn't do much crafting (or housework, or anything) last week, but I this picture really caught my attention:

All those doodled flowers, I love it. I am still very tempted to join the class, even if it has started by now. And it made me remember how I used to doodle in class, when I was still in school. That was never as artsy as that of course, but I enjoyed it a lot.

So I grabbed a piece of paper and tried if I can still do it... Man I am way out of practice. I never used to think about it, but now I was completely lost. That was really difficult. In addition to being out of practice, I used to do this in my homework book, where there is limited space. A whole blank page to fill is entirely intimidating.

Therefore last night, after my back was much better I changed my approach. Instead of a whole page, I cut a card sized panel, traced my big Hello die and sketched in some basic shapes with pencil all around. Once I was happy with that, I switched to a black pen and started from there. With the space already divided in smaller areas, it was much easier. I also printed out some doodles I liked from the internet, to use as inspiration for my patterns.

Now I am wondering how to complete the card. I have several options. For one, I could leave it as it is in black and white, or use a Hello die cut on top of the white hello. Here are just some of the options, I have pretty much any bright cardstock color, but I didn't want to die cut them all... I could also imagine that teal / aqua would look nice.


What do you think? Any suggestions?