Friday 30 April 2021

Birthday hearts


and thanks for stopping by. 

Today I'd like to show you a card I made with one of my very first alcohol ink panels. I was just playing and trying out different colour combinations. For this panel, I used red pink and yellow and filled almost all the space. 

I wanted to cover up some of it for the card, but not too much, so I chose this heart die cut with a lot of open space and adhered it flat to the panel. I added sentiment strips to say Happy Birthday with foam tape and added the whole panel to a black card base. To tie in the white from the die cut I added faux stitching with a white gel pen. 

For the envelope, I ink blended another panel with similar colours and cut out the hearts from that. The inside pieces I used for yet another Birthday card

Wishing you a happy day

Sunday 25 April 2021

Birthday Llama

Hello Everyone,

this is the card I made with the rest of my Easter card stips. The fence idea I had for the first card didn't leave me, so I tried again. I adhered the strips to a piece of printer paper, so I could pop it up on foam tape all in one piece. Then I coloured the Llama with my ZIG markers and tucked it in behind.


I chose a Birthday sentiment because you can never have enough Birthday cards,

Lots of love

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Hello Friends, 

who are you? 

Today's card was again made with bits and pieces I had prepared a long time ago. Well, actually it's only one piece, which is the main panel I coloured with Gelatos, back in the day. I found it in my stash and decided to make something with it. 

Since it was a bit narrower than the card base, I decided to leave a white border and spell out Birthday along the edge. I also added a strip to say happy. I've had that stamp set for a long time, but I've only made it work for me lately, with my stamping platform. Before I was never able to get good coverage on any of these sentiments because they have so much solid area.

The result was a bit bare still, so I looked through my stash of stickers and found this ice lolly that matched neatly and added a splash of red, which I like a lot. 

I hope you'll have a lovely day

Thursday 15 April 2021

Sleepy Racoon

Hello Friends, 

how are you keeping? I am glad we're heading into summer. But compared to last year, the general mood is very different. People are more grumpy, less hopeful, I feel everybody is worn out. 

I myself feel it too, it's getting to me, but we need to hang in there. I am trying to be grateful for the things I have. There are so many people out there, whose life is so much harder, who have lost their job, who are alone, who have lost loved ones.

So I am thinking of them and trying to see what I have rather than what I miss. 

To the card... When I made last year's Easter cards, I had to cut off strips of each panel, so I had all those lovely spray-inked stips left over. 


I didn't want them to go to waste, so I glued them to a card base and made an uneven border. I meant it to be a landscape card and thought of it as a fence, but in the end, I liked it better in portrait orientation. 

I finished it off with a sleeping racoon, coloured with my ZIG markers, in a polaroid frame. I love those frames they are so versatile. 

Stay safe out there




Thursday 8 April 2021

Over the rainbow clouds

Hello Everyone, 

did you have a good Easter weekend? Since my girls aren't small anymore, we took it very relaxed and had a lazy weekend. 

I created this card last year, for my great-niece's first Birthday. At the time I'd seen a lot of rainbow clouds on the Internet and wanted to try it out myself, so found my cloud stencil and blended a lovely rainbow directly onto the card base. Then I looked through my stickers and found an image to go with the idea. 

I kept the colouring very simple because the stickers don't handle too much blending with alcohol inks. But since the banner happened to have just the right number of triangles, I personalized the card by adding her name.

Otherwise, I kept it simple. I stamped the sentiment directly into the clouds and reinforced the sticker with a piece of card stock so I could adhere it with foam tape. I also found a sticker to dress up the bright yellow envelope.

I love how the clouds turned out, clouds should be rainbow in real life...



Monday 5 April 2021

Hello Kitty

 Hi Crafters, 

how are you?

I made today's card for a workmate who is in the process of adopting a kitten. 

I coloured the kitty like the one she is adopting with my ZIG markers. Then I did a bit of fiddly surgery and cut off the balloons with a craft knife and a straight edge. I glued the cat behind the polaroid frame and the balloons on top, to get a continuous image, and popped it up with foam tape. I love the contrast with the bold black stripes. 

I'll send it to her when she actually get to collect the new fur baby, with a few treats. I think she'll love it. 



Sunday 4 April 2021

Hello friends and happy Easter, 

I had this card base already prepared from another crafting session when I was assembling my Easter cards. Not wanting it to acquire feline bite marks or footprints, I decided to use it now and quickly stamped coloured and cut another chick, just like the others. 

I adhered the chicky with foam tape and added a simple Easter sentiment. I think the playful font goes well with the image. 

I also created my own envelope with one of my very old unused patterned papers, I am proud of myself for trying to finally use them up. 

I hope you will stay safe over Easter and still have a lovely time


Tuesday 30 March 2021

Easter 2020

Hello Crafters, 

with Easter fast approaching, it's about time I finally share last year's Easter cards, before it's too late and I have to wait another year. 

I normally don't really send Easter cards, but with the current situation, I had to last year. And this year as well, as a matter of fact. Not usually needing them, I have VERY limited Easter supplies, which is why I completely made do without.

I used Spray Ink in red green and yellow to create the panels and an alphabet die set to cut out the letters for Easter (=Ostern). Then I cut apart a sentiment stamp and stamped the word happy (=frohe). 

Very simple, but effective.

Stay safe and healthy


Tuesday 23 March 2021

Easter Chickies

Hello Everyone, 

how are you keeping up? Me personally, I've been sick of Corona measures for a long time now, but we are still sticking to them anyway. After all, it's worked for us so far, no one in the family has had it. 

Since we're not able to see people this year - again -  I made some Easter cards. 

Also, almost all of the supplies I used were a Birthday from the best Penpal there ever was (XOXO) and I wanted to play with them so, so, soo much. 

I started out without a clear idea, by stamping and colouring the chicks and cutting them out. I love that stamp, it's so cute and can be used for Easter cards, without screaming Easter... 

Then I decided to ground them on a wonkily stitched panel with some soft ink blending and a simple stamped sentiment. I tried a piercing die on one of the panels but liked it better without the pierced dots. 

Then I used 2 different background stamps on the card base. I liked the pink caleidoscope stamp well enough, but it was slightly too busy. And then I totally fell for the bold brush strokes. That's so versatile. So I tried it out in different colours of Oxides.

Which version do you like best?

For the envelopes, I decided to use up some very old patterned papers, that I never used and am not likely to miss. I picked matching colours or patterns as best I could. I am proud to finally have made use of these papers. 

Lots of love

Friday 8 January 2021

Happy Birthday from the heart

Hello Everyone, 

how did the first week in 2021 go for you all?

I had 4 days off work last week, which was wonderful and desperately needed at that. I am not much looking forward to having to work again next week, but at least everyone will be back from their Christmas holidays. The last two weeks of December were very stressful...

Today, I'd like to share some die-cut inlay cards I made, with the is very intricate hearts die. 


I started out by inking a card panel to get some nice gradients. Then I cut the die from the inked panel and white and inlayed the coloured pieces three different ways, to see what worked best. 

For the first card, I stacked up the white harts, so they have dimension. For the second card, I didn't cut the coloured panel, but only made an impression with the die, thinking that might be easier, so I could just glue on the hearts. Did work too well. It was the first time using my embossing mat and I messed it up, so the cardstock cracked slightly in some places. It's not very noticeable, with the hearts adhered, so I still used it for a card. 

For the last card I went back to regular inlay, but this time I inlayed it flat and added some dimension behind the whole piece, not only the hearts.

I love how they all turned out, I'd love these in all kinds of colour combinations, but the intricate inlay is just a little much for mass production. 

Have a beautiful day

Friday 1 January 2021

Happy New Year 2021

 Hello Crafters, 

I'd like to wish you all a happy and above all healthy new year. I sure hope 2021 will turn out better than 2020 did. 

I don't send out extra New Year's cards myself, since December is always a busy time. But my friend does and we have the (still new) tradition of me giving her a set of new year's cards for Christmas. 

This year I wanted to make an early start, while she still hadn't given me the latest count. So I decided on 25, assembly-line style, since the year before she had needed 20 cards.

First, I stamped each of the balloons individually with the main colour. I left the stamp in place in my stamping platform and stamped each balloon again, with a darker shade blended around the edge to achieve the shading. Then I set out to die-cut all the individual numbers and stacked them up for more dimension. After they were all ready, I blended on some yellow ink from the bottom and adhered them to the card base, using a straight edge to get them straight.

Next, I stamped, heat embossed and cut out all the sentiment strips. They read "healthy new year" in German. Before I adhered them, I loosely doodled in the balloon strings. 

Normally I would have put glossy accents on all of the balloons, but since they were so many I didn't do that this time. 

I was very glad to finish these cards in mid-November because I knew that would be the most involved Christmas present this year. 300 die-cuts, I must be losing it... 

Stay safe and healthy and a happy new year!