Saturday 22 March 2014

What a day

Hi Crafters,

what a day it was today. It seems everything went wrong.

We were invited to a 5th birthday today and were asked to bring a salad. My timing was perfect, salad done, kids home from grandma in time, reluctant to get dressed and washed and combed, but there was still time...

Then I went to the bathroom and found that one of my daughters had emptied her pockets on the floor, sand and stones and all. So I told her to clean up the mess before we go. She removed the wooden bath mat to clean up and said: "Mum, it's wet under there"... Guess what... the cat. And no water bowl...

So I cleaned up the worst mess, mopped the floor and before I was done my other daughter came in:
"Mum, the cat is bleeding". (She had surgery a few weeks ago and the crusts are falling off now).

So I finished cleaning, went to check the cat and because for once she was relaxed and staying put, I removed a few more of the stitches. Usually the vet would do that, but she allowed me to do it myself, because my cat is hysterical, when she has to go see the vet. That is a job for 2 grown-ups, but I had no one to help me this week, so I did my best alone, while the kids were holding the lamp and feeding the cat to distract her.
Luckily the bleeding was only very shallow, because she ripped of a piece of crust.

Well, that done we were running pretty late already, so I quickly finished what else there was to do, while my daughters were veeery sloooowly putting on their shoes. And when I went to fetch the salad, the bowl just slipped out of my hands and I spilled half the salad all over myself, my kitchen and into the half open drawer below.

So I cleaned up some more (much more), cut another handful of tomatoes to refill the bowl a little, got changed and off we went, before anything else could happen! We arrived 45 minutes late, flushed and bad tempered. By now I can laugh about it again. I wish someone had filmed it. No, actually I don't, if think about it.

But, at least Kevin liked our gifts, the coffee got me back on my feet some and everyone had a good laugh at me.

We returned home late and the first thing I had to do was to repair the dish washer, because it had an error code on the display.

But after that I granted myself a little playtime, instead of going straight to bed, like I had intended.

I had the idea right at the beginning of C&S 3, to create some layering with chalkboard, so I had a try at it.

As you (hopefully) can see, I totally failed again in creating a one layer card. I die cut the Hello from fun foam and stamped it with white ink on black card stock. Then I wanted to inlay the white hello die cut, but I had not mounted the foam stamp perfectly, so the h was pulled to the left a bit. Therefore I had to pull the white die cut too, which made it impossible to use inlay. Therefore I just adhered it to the black panel. I inked the edges in white, to give it a chalkboard look and added faux stitching and a few brads for a bit of colour. 

For the envelop I stamped the sentiment again, in grey and black, slightly offset to create the same kind of shadow.

Hope you all had a better day


  1. Goodness, what a terrible day. Hope the cat is OK. I'm impressed you manged to get some crafting time in after all that.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. :) Well, the craft time was stolen from sleeping time, which in turn stole time from housework the next morning. But I needed it...