Thursday 6 March 2014

Flowers and butterflies

Hi again,

I love this day, I am soooo crafty...

I created another card using my Gelatos. I love them, because they are so nice and vibrant, but at the same time I am still kind of scared of them. I had planned to use vellum for the sentiment, but I didn't like it when I tried it out. Couldn't stand to cover the colors...

I'd also like to show you a card I created a while ago, even though I am not quite happy with it.
I created it to try out the new stamp set, but I think it turned out too busy. I should have used more of the larger flowers and kept the stamped area smaller. But to try it out it was fine, and it's a single layer...

Now I fear I have to quick crafting for today, and get something done in the kitchen, before I have to pick up my kids from school.


1 comment:

  1. These are both very pretty...I don't find it busy at all :)