Wednesday 12 March 2014

One-layer watercolored Thank you card

Hi there,

today I had a 45 minutes break, that I used to visit the local art supplies store. It is truely art supplies, artist quality paints and colors and papers, and stuff... They have a small craft section and also a small one for school supplies, but all the rest (and it's large) is for artists. For me a visit there is always a guilty pleasure, for several reasons.

For one, whenever I am there I feel guilty just for being there, like I am pretending to be an artist. I'm not, I can't draw or paint or anything. But I wish I could.

Secondly, they have this aisle with all kinds of drawing supplies, charcoal, alcohol markers, tombow markers, pastel blocks, pastel pencils, watercolor pencils, chalks, crayons, all to be bought by the piece in all shades of colors, sorted by product and color. I walk through that aisle EVERY time, with big eyes like a child, wanting it ALL!
If I had all that, I wouldn't know what to do with it, I can't draw. And it's not, that I had heaps of time to start and practice and experiment... But still, in that aisle, I am like a little kid in an oldfashioned sweets shop.

Well, lastly and most oviously, I always spend too much money there.
So I did today. For ages I had decided that I couldn't and wouldn't buy any watercolor markers, because I already have some alcohol markers and I can't have everything...
But lately I've seen so much beautiful watercoloring done with markers, and whenever I try to achieve similar effects with my distress inkpads I totally fail... So I allowed myself a selection of tomows in bright basic colors (red, green, blue, yellow, pink and purple). Black I already had, and unfortunately I totally forgot that I had to borrow a brown marker from my kids the other day. Otherwise I would have added a brown as well.

I already tried them out, but I am not happy with my first try. The sentiment doesn't stand out enough, that's probably because I used clear embossing. My white embossing power is not fine enough for my taste, so I don't like to use it. And I probably should have misted with less water from a greater distance. I guess I need to practice this.


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