Sunday 9 March 2014

Big Hello on kraft cardstock

Hello out there,

I created another rather clean and simple card this week end. I was having quite some trouble, finding kraft cardstock here, and I finally got some at the trade show a few weeks ago. I've created only few cards with it so far and wanted to try it out some more.

I meant to use the die cut just for masking, but when I laid it on the cardstock I liked that much better.

I am sad, that the week-end is almost over, the weather was so nice and the kids and me in good such mood. On the other hand: tomorrow class will finally start...

I am looking forward to it a lot, and wish I could start right in the morning. But tomorrow is my day in the office, so I will be home late, so I want have a chance to go online, before the girls are in bed. What a shame. I could really do with a few more hours per day...


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