Monday 24 March 2014

Feather with chalk pastels

Hey crafters,

I just wanted to post a very quick one, but now I spent hours blog hopping through the internet. And I wanted to be off to bed early. Well, I failed, so what.

Here's my news:
You may or may not remember, how I wrote about the local art supplies store a while ago, and how I always prowl the aisle with the chalks and pencils and all the "dry" drawing materials.

Today,  I was given a lovely set of 25! chalk pastels, that were so cheap, that they are not wasted, not even on me. They were 1,99 €, that's less than 3 Dollars. (For the Germans: Lidl, but they might already be sold out, so be quick if you want to try and get them)

Monday is my office day, when I come home late and so do the girls, but we dug right in anyway. Who needs food, we wanted to draw...

As I don't have the slightest clue on how to use chalk pastels correctly, I'll have to watch a lot of Lindsay's video tutorials, before I give it a real try. Therefore I chose an easy design and drew another feather:


I know, it's no piece of art, but for a second try I am pretty happy.  My first try was on black cardstock, but I definitely prefer my second try.

My kids did what kids do, they followed my example and also drew a feather. And I am pretty impressed how well they did:

That's it for today, I'm off to bed, it's much later than I had intended.

Good night

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