Monday 10 March 2014

C&S 3 Day 1: Inlaid Christmas card

Hi Everyone,

Clean & Simple 3 has finally started!

I've been looking forward to it so much, but today I'm not feeling crafty at all. We've had some sad news in the family, so it's probably no wonder, but still...

Well, I managed one card at least and tomorrow may be better - hopefully.

I've not yet decided if I like the card, but I know, I like the envelop - that's not one layer though. I didn't bother with inlaying in the envelop. And I managed to lose a piece to the lower right of the s. I replaced it with a piece of scrap kraft cardstock that I cut to approximately fit. It's not perfect, you can see it close up, but I don't think anyone will check...

Happy crafting


  1. I think your card is GORGEOUS!! Sorry to hear about the sad news. Hugs♥

  2. What a fabulous take on Debby's card, I am trying to plan mine out at the moment. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. hugs T

  3. Sorry to hear about the sad news. Hope everything works out OK. What is your username in the class? I'm taking it too -- I'm KMCorby as usual.

  4. Hi all and thanks for your kind words. It means a lot to me!
    My Username in OOC is Ela.