Tuesday 12 August 2014

Snowflakes lost

Hello Crafters,

today I have to admit defeat:

I lost my favorite (and only) snowflake stamp set last December, after I created this card as a set:

I don't have the slightest idea were it can have gone. At first, I was sure it would turn up right after the market for which I had made the cards. When that didn't happen, I thought it would turn up right after Christmas. Well, it's almost time to think about Christmas cards again, and it still hasn't turned up anywhere. I have to face it, it's gone.

It was an old set from Maya Road called "Let it snow" (took me ages to find that out, because I dumped the packaging long ago). I loved all the snowflakes and have tried to find it again, but it seems to have retired.

Now I need a new snowflake stamp set, but the amount of Google results is rather overwhelming. I've looked at so many picture to find a set I like, that I feel unable to pick.

So I am asking you for advice: Which is your favorite snowflake stamp set?

Have a great day


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