Wednesday 13 August 2014

Matchbox Mania

Hey Crafters,

did you know, that matchbox cars were invented by a father who's daughter's school only allowed children to bring toys that could fit inside a matchbox? I like this story, sounds like a pretty cool Dad.

Why am I talking about matchboxes today? It's because I received my order for 50 crafting matchboxes and dived right in. I ordered these, to create a storage system for my Euro store sequins. 4 sets of each 8 different colors in the same color family. That should pretty much cover all I'll ever need.

But they came in a flimsy plastic packaging, so I wanted a proper storage solution. First I thought about a screw storage box from the hardware store. But those are usually rather larger than I would want them for sequins, so I went for matchboxes as a cheap solution.

So I happily spend an hours or so decoration matchboxes with Washi tape and glueing them together. Then I spent half the afternoon way less happily glueing one sequin to each little drawer and sorting the darn things in their new matchboxes. I may well have developed a deep and lasting dislike for sequins today

But even though I might never use them again, at least now I have them sorted. And I used Washi tape! And best of all: I'm done with it!

Wishing you a crafty day with something less tedious

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