Tuesday 26 August 2014

Holiday doodles

Hello Crafters,

we're back from holiday, whole and healthy - well almost. I caught myself a neuritis, which has pained my all week and still does, but otherwise we're fine. I've seldom been as happy to be back home, tough I usually think coming home is the best part of any holiday.

We returned on Sunday, which was a bad choice for the drive back. We had so much traffic, it took us all day to get  back. But in a flash of supermotivation - no idea where that came from - I unpacked everything straight away and did all the washing the same night. So now all that's left to do is the ironing, which will probably not happen before the week-end, because that's just exactly the movement that hurts most. I'll wait for my medication to kick in first.

Anyway, I didn't do any crafting during my week in the mountains, though I had really planned to practice some water coloring. The weather was to cold to go to the lake or do any outdoor activities, so my plan to paint while the girls play and swim totally failed. All I did is finish one of the doodle cards created during the Easter holidays. Here they are:

I did the doodling on holiday and created the water colored Hello when I was back home. I didn't create any envelops yet but am planning to.

As you may notice, I had to cut the second card down quite a bit, because my little devil Nala liked it so much, she had to chew on one of the corners. She really has bad manners!

So hope you're all fine.

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