Sunday 6 October 2019

Greetings with more colouring book pages

Hello Everyone, 

how did you spend the world card making day yesterday? 

Turned our, for me it wasn't the best of days. I managed to almost kill myself on a clothes horse - yes, don't ask... Now my nose looks, like someone hit it with Avada Kedavra. I don't remember any green light though. So maybe I'm not "the Mom who lived". I also hope it won't scar.

On top of that, my daughters seemed to want to get on my nerves last night, thus ruining my crafty mood. So in the end I went to bed frustrated and annoyed, with only one card created, only to find I couldn't sleep at all.

Well, enough complaining, today, was a much better day. I created only one card, but a bunch of matching envelopes to cards I had created earlier.

So here's yesterday's card:

When unpacking another box from the move, I found this sheet from a colouring book. I had planned to finish it and then forgot about it. Now I decided I liked it the way it is, only partly coloured and I would use it for another card or two. It was just the right size for about two card fronts.

So I cut it down and adhered it to a grey card base, with a bit of a frame. Then I simply added the sentiment circle. And by simple I mean I fiddled and tried for ages, white, grey, black, vellum, teal gradient? In the end I stuck with white, but the circle seemed too plain. Then I remembered a Sketch I had seen and decided to use it.
I cut out one of the blue flowers from the edge of the leftover paper and adhered it to the bigger circle. Since I didn't like the flower - aka the smaller circle - near the G, I simply turned the sketch around. Even though the inspirational image has a dragon fly instead of butterflies, I think my card actually matches the image as well. That's accidental though. 

I considered using the rest of the paper to dress up the envelope, but I really wanted to use it for another card. Instead I picked a stamp with a similarly whimsical flower and coloured it with the same ZIG marker I had used for the paper. It turned out a bit darker, because I had to work hard to achieve any gradient. My store bought envelopes don't take water well at all. It also turned out glittery, because I used a brush that I had previously used with metallic watercolour and obviously not cleaned out well.

A happy accident, because it gave me the idea for today's card, using up the rest of that paper. But I haven't taken a daylight picture yet, so I'll post that another day. 

Now, have a good start into the new week. 

Fusion Card Challenge: Dragonfly


  1. Love the partial colouring, too. Beautiful colouring btw. I think you nailed the challenge. x

  2. What a pretty card Ela! Love the partial colouring and how you put a flower on the sentiment circle. I hope your poor nose is better!
    Carol x

  3. Sorry to read about your injury but gosh you got a beautiful card made and that counts for something right? LOL! Hope you are better now!