Thursday 4 September 2014

Ninja Turtles Birthday Party

Hello Everyone,

a few days ago I shared these Ninja Turtle goodie bags, that I created to help a friend with her birthday preparations.

I met that friend yesterday, and she's totally stressed out, so I offered her more help and created  and created bookmarks and a cup game in the same style. 

The bookmarks are not yet done completely, I still need to laminate them and add some ribbon or something to the top. But I don't own a laminator and have to borrow one first. But here they are almost ready. I didn't use cardstock for the masks and eyes, because last time I laminated bookmarks, the cardstock made them a little too bulky. So I used thin colored paper. Unfortunately I had run out of blue and purple, so there are only red and orange turtles. But as these go in the goodie bags, that  won't matter... 

I don't really like the color of the green cardstock, but it's the only one they had in the shop.

For the cups I used the same cardstock to cover the cups. Then I used crepe paper for the masks and added googly eyes and a mouth. In the end I tied little balls on a string and poked the string through the bottom.

Now the only thing that's left to create is the Birthday card. Ah well, and laminate the bookmarks of course.


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