Wednesday 19 November 2014

Stempelküche Challenge Blog

Hi Crafters,

I am proud and happy to announce, that I won the 6th Stempelküche challenge, which was a color challenge. I am especially glad, because I usually find color challenges rather hard. Thanks to the team at Stempelküche, I really appreciate it!

So here’s  my lucky winner:


Unfortunately I don’t have a new card to show right now. For one I’ve been rather busy the past 2 weeks, and didn’t get around to much crafting. And then the bit I did was still coloring light bulbs for my own Christmas cards this year. As I’ve shown so many of these already, I’ll spare you the latest ones. Maybe I’ll take a shot of all of them together when I’m finished.

I did decide to get myself inspired by a few challenges only today, but discovered that my powder sock has gone missing. I was using it for something else on Halloween and obviously didn’t store it away in its rightful place straight away. Stupid me. I’ll have to start a search tonight.

You’d like to know what a powder sock is? This is:

My homemade anti-static powder tool. Made from an old kid’s sock and talcum powder.

Have a great day

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