Friday 27 November 2020

Personalized Birthday cards with alcohol inks

Hello Crafters, 

I am slowly working off all the cards I created last spring and summer. I wasn't even aware I did craft that much. It felt like I was completely out of Mojo all year, except for maybe the last 2 months. 

I had originally decided not to get any alcohol inks, on the basis that you can't have everything and that I'm not a professional crafter. Surprise: I caved and ordered some at the beginning of the first lockdown. 

When they arrived I created a bunch of panels just to try different colour combinations and try to achieve different looks. Basically to get to know them. 
Some of these panels are still around, but I think by now I managed to make most of them into cards. 

These two cards were created in much the same way, I die-cut the letters to spell out the recipient's names and added a heat embossed sentiment strip. 

 One of them I even forgot to send out in time, so I have that one for next year. 

Lots of Love and a happy weekend

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