Sunday 10 May 2015

Happy Mother's day (and a slight Teddy bear fixation)

Hello  Mothers and fellow Crafters,

I am wishing you all a very happy Mothers Day today. Let yourselves be spoiled by your hubbies and kids!

This is the card I created for my own Mum. You may wonder, why I chose this, because nothing on it screams Mother's Day. Except, for me it does and I'll tell you why.

Both of my daughters have had a cuddly teddy bear with a musical clock inside, ever since they were born. Over the years, we had to replace them several times, but always with identical teddies. The older of my girls loves her teddy so much, that until today (they'll be 9 in summer) she's dragging it around all over the house. The younger has shifted to a bunny (with far less obsession), with the result that my big girl now has two favourite teddies (which both disappear all the time), both rather dirty and worn by now, because she won't let me replace them anymore. I still have an unused replacement, but that wouldn't be the original. She loves every hole in them.

Please don't tell me it needs a wash, it just doesn't get any cleaner anymore.

The girl in  the stamp reminds me so much of her, even though my girls have straight hair, that I simply had to buy the stamp set ("Slumber Party" from Simon says Stamp).

So, to me this is like sending my Mum a picture of my girls. 

I didn't pick a Mother's Day sentiment, because I didn't have a small one I liked, so I chose something neutral. For the envelope I stamped the same grid and coloured in the watercolours, same as for the card, only I didn't add the girl.

Have a great Mother's Day and for all of you that have no kids, have a great day anyway.


  1. What a sweet story! :-)
    I think your Mom was really happy to get this super cute card!

  2. Thank you for sharing the story behind the card. :D Makes this card very personal. My girls (aged two and four) have never had that kind of "precious" thing other than my thump. I really would love if they would find a substitute for it. :D

  3. And by the way, that background is awesome!

  4. Great card, great background, great story! Don't know how this wonderful card could escape me. (btw: Interesting enough my daughter never had a favorite cuddly toy, she's got lots of them an loves them all alike. As of late she's taken huge interest in her daddy's old teddy bear who's already lost most of his extremities. Thank God for her grandma who's always sewing everything on again.)