Wednesday 6 May 2015

Craft room tour

Hi Everyone,

I promised you pictures of my craft space, once I was done with it, so that's what I'll show you today, even tough it isn't entirely perfect yet - will it ever be? I doubt it.

I can tell you, found it pretty hard to show everything properly, without a video, but I did my best... So, let's start with an overview over the room for your orientation.  This picture is taken from the corner with my office desk, which I will not include in the tour.

And this is from the other side. The door is to the right of the red chinese wedding chest (which hides the TV). The door you can see in the back is closed, because we didn't need it and we wanted the wall space.

In both overview pictures you can see the new Ikea shelf. I used all the five baskets for the kids crafty things. In the bottom shelves there are my business folders and boxes of things I don't often need, like Christmas and Easter decoration etc. The top shelves I tried to decorate a bit, but those dark boxes e.g. contain cards.

Now, that you have an overview, let's talk craft desk. As there is so much on it, I decided to label it for you:

1) Becca's space

2) Nicky's space

3) my space

4) Box with all kinds of pens and scissors for the girls

5) tools I frequently use, like water spray bottle, sequins, baby wipes, sponges, masking tape

6) envelopes, ink pads, markers, Gelatos, etc.

7) more things I like to have handy, like embossing powders, spare adhesives, pre-made card bases

8) ribbons, mini ink pads, stamp press, more wipes and miscellaneous stuff

9) heat tool

This is the little Ikea trolley that I keep by my side of the desk. It totally doesn't match the rest of the furniture, but it's handy. In here I store my 12x12" papers, patterned on top, card stock below. In  the drawers there are wood mount stamps and embellishments. On top is my tool box, with brushes, scissors, adhesives, masking fluid, all pens that needn't be stored flat etc. 

In this picture you can also just see, that there is a board underneath my side of the desk (you can see it much better in the first overview picture). In there, I store my envelope punch board, watercolour pencils and the score board. My watercolour papers also found a space there, though I don't really know why and the big foam tape roll, because it simply doesn't fit anywhere else.
 This is the other side, i.e. in my back. On the side board there's my paper storage, sorted by colour, with the scrap box on top. Also my paper trimmer and my big shot. Inside  there are all my acrylic paints and tools for that, as well as all kinds of colouring media I don't often use like water colours, crayons, chalks. Also hairspray and spray adhesive.

In the ladder shelf (it is a true ladder) there is my printer, my stencils (in the basket) and in the red containers are stamps and dies and 6x6 paper pads. The yellow box contains all Punches, the white one more Christmas stuff. This is the part I haven't completely sorted yet.

 Just because I like it so much, I'll finish my tour with a close up of my desk shelf:

Well, that's it for now, I wish you all a nice day.



  1. Oh, wie ordentlich - bei mir siehts ganz anders aus....

  2. I have to show this to my husband! :D Thanks for taking the time to take pictures and your craft room is super clean!