Sunday 16 February 2014

My home made Gelatine plate

Hello out there,

a while ago I watched this video about how to make your own DIY Gelli plate for mono printing. The idea kind of stuck in my head, I really wanted to try this out, but never got to do it. Until in the Stenciled class, Shari Carroll brought the thought back to live.

I found a cheap used Gelli plate on ebay, but bids went too high for my taste, so I went back to that video and created my own plate from gelatine, glycerin and water.

It turned out quite nicely, though might have liked it a little large. I didn't have a perfect sized container.

I have not yet created any cards, except the one I posted on Friday, but I tried a few prints with only  3 of my stencils, just for the fun of trying it out.


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