Saturday 25 January 2014

Stenciled - Take 5

And again Hi!

My last attempt was at moving the stencil. as Jennifer flipped over her chevron stencil, I wanted to do something different, so I moved my stencil down and created a multicolored chevron. I had masked off a portion for the sentiment, but it turned out that it wasn't entirely straight, so I filled it with the pattern and used vellum instead.
I wanted white butterflies, but as mentioned before my die doesn't cut cardstock properly, I cut them from vellum and heat embossed them in white. But I can't recomment that, the wings curl up and the embossing cracks.
All in all I like the last card least. I thing the pattern is a little to much, maybe I should have covered more of it. Again I feed the desperate need for my SSS order...

Looking forward to tonight, when I have time to watch the new videos.

See you then

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