Tuesday 28 January 2014

Stenciled - Take 11

Hello Crafters,

today I spent a few minutes altering envelops to match my cards. And then I decided to play with stucture paste and my Rayher Spritzer tool.

Nothing went as I wanted, so in the end I am rather unhappy with my card, but I'll show you anyway.
Maybe you have suggestions how I could have done better:

First I used the Spritzer to mist the bottom left corner with teal and grey alcohol markers. That went well enough, but mind you: Spectrum Noir markers don't fit in, I had to hold the marker in place.
I would have wanted some bigger splotches, but I didn't have and mist or liquid ink refill I could have used for that, so I made do without.

Then I stencilled on the sturcture paste, but I really don't like how it is not entirely white. It shows up kind of greyish on the white card stock, but not enough to look grey on  purpose. So I thought I might heat emboss it in white, I wanted to try that out anyway. I didn't like the effect on this card, though I loved it on the little stars on Debby's owl card.

Next I punched and coloured the bird with alcohol markers. It was the first time I tried my new kind of cardstock with alcohol markers - it's no good. I need to stick to copic paper, but I only found thin one so far.

Then I created the sentiment and glued it all down. Last step I added some liquid pearls with a pearl maker pen. I think I'll colour a few of these with alcohol markers when they are dry.

Hope I'll be in a craftier mood tomorrow, today wasn't the best day for crafting - or anything else, actually...


  1. So sorry your day isn't going well. Here's hoping tomorrow will be filled with crafty success! I'd be tempted to remove the bird, sentiment and leaves, add some high contrast splatters in black or dark gray or brown and a big, brightly colored die cut word, like "thanks" or "joy." But that's my usual strategy when I don't like a card--rip back to the base or glue on a new layer. Good luck.

  2. Hi, Ela. I'm taking the class too. I agree with Tilman -- with the big, splotchy hexagones in the paste, the card might need larger, bolder embellishments, rather than delicate leaves and birds. that was my first thought, too. Also, the paste looks rather -- gloppy. Maybe you used too much?

    I appreciate you being brave enough to solicit constructive criticism. I wish more people in the papercrafting blogosphere were like that.

  3. Also, I wanted to add, the card is not bad, it's fine. But i know it's frustrating when things don't turn out anything like you imagined.

    1. Hi, and thanks to both of you for your comments. I really appreciate them.

      The gloppyness comes from me heat embossing the paste before it was dry. Definately a big mistake!

      I agree with you, that I should use something bolder, unfortunately I don't really have that many supplies yet, and nothing I have seems to fit just right.

      BUT I am still waiting for my order from Simon's to arrive, and I think I'll have another go at that sketch when it finally does.