Friday 24 January 2014

Stenciled - Take 1

Hello again,

my second post tonight. As mentioned earlier, this week-end is stenciling time, and I'd like to show you my first card:

Sorry for the bad lighting, I'll try to remember to take a daylight shot tomorrow.

I must say, this is kind of different for me. Usually I plan my cards, searching for all the perdfect elements, doing and re-doing things until I am either happy with my card or totally frustrated. Tonight I just wanted to have something to link up and show, and it didn't need to be perfect for a special occasion.
I felt rather free, a rogue crafter set loose.

As you can see, I started with Debby's card (Debby, I love your accent!). I didn't have the perfect sentiment, to put on a tag, so I changed it up for a vellum butterfly and a sentiment in  the corner. I am glad, I finally found something, my butterfly die really cuts: thin vellum! I love the die and as I don't have a shim it was pretty useless to me so far.

In the end I am rather content with the result, even though I went overboard with the dots. I would not usually have chosen the bright yellow cardstock as a matt, but it fittet the ink nicely.

Speaking of sentiments:
I really do have a lack of good sentiments. I don't like using English sentiments all the time, because my friends and family are all from Germany. "Happy Birthday" and "Merry Christmas" are ok, but most of the other sentiments I'd rather have in German. So if any of you knows where to get really cool versatile German sentiment stamps, give me a hint please!

I think I'm off to bed now, wishing you crafty dreams

P.S: I received a gift certificate from Simon's for Christmas, and I desperately wish my order had arrived already. I know it's a long way, but pleeeease hurry up!


  1. The sponging is lovely on this card. I have watched the videos but have not made any cards yet, I am hoping today is the day! Thanks for the inspiration

    1. Thanks Bonnie, I love the thought that I might have inspired someone. :)