Monday 26 October 2020

Potted Birthday Wishes


what have you been up to? 

I gave away almost all of my stashed Birthday cards for a gift set, last summer. So I desperately needed to re-stock. Therefore I've been making only Christmas and Birthday cards lately. These are what I need most anyway. 

Looking through my supplies, I came across a set of patterned papers with a chalkboard design, that I've been holding on to for years. One of the sheets had 6 chalky flower pots in two rows. 

I love these images, but I didn't want to lose any of them. Trouble was, some of the leaves were hanging into the space of other pots and none had enough space to cover an entire card front. 
But I found a way to use them all and create a whole set with them...

Most of the cards are made in the same way, with the panel having a small margin all around. But the leaves of the red pot invaded the personal space of the yellow pot, so I cut those panels to be exactly as tall as the card base, but slimmer. I had to cut off part of the yellow pot, which worked fine with the white border to the right. And for the red card, I cut a straight line right up to the leaf and fuzzy cut the leaf itself. 

For each card I added a Happy Birthday sentiment. Most are just stamped (it's a reverse stamp) and blue and red are heat embossed, just because I had the embossing powders. I am very proud, that I actually managed to find matching sequins for each colour.

To dress up the envelopes, I just used a different flower pot stamp on each of them. 

Hoping you will have a good week


  1. Ja, es fällt manchmal unheimlich schwer, etwas zum Basteln zu verwenden, geht mir auch ganz oft so. Ich tröste mich dann immer damit, das ich mir ja dann mal was neues schönes zulegen kann. Deine Kreidetöpfe sind mega schön und ich liebe es, wie Du die Karten gestaltet hast!! LG Gundi

  2. Hi Ela! I have seen these cards already, but again I wanted to tell you how cute they are! I love the white on black. Also they look so good as a set;)