Friday 18 March 2016

Wild horse

Hi Crafters,

today I have an entirely handmade card to show you. My daughters are invited to a birthday party tomorrow, and their friend likes horse riding. So I wanted to create a card with a horse. But I didn’t have a suitable stamp and didn’t find a digital image I liked. So I decided to try my watercolour skills.

It didn’t turn out the way I had imagined it, so when I was done I didn’t like it at all and went to bed rather frustrated. The mane is rather a bit too wild, and I had imagined more shadows and structure on the face, but didn’t dare paint them in.

But when I saw it the next morning, I thought it wasn’t all that bad. Rather messily painted, but still recognizable as a horse and watercolour needn’t be perfectly realistic. I like it after all. And I think so will the Birthday child.

I decided to keep the card simple and not even use a sentiment. I thought maybe she'd like to keep the image and that way she can frame it without the sentiment spoiling the effect.

Have a nice week-end

Seize the Birthday: Anything goes Birthday
(Hope that's ok, even without a Birthday sentiment, because it is intended as a Birthday card)


  1. Ela, this is simply put 'stunning'. Not to bad doesn't do it justice at all. You are very talented, my goodness what an amazing card to receive.

  2. Keine Ahnung warum Dir die Karte erst mal nicht gefallen hat - ich finde sie wunderbar! So toll kann ich nicht malen! Ich glaube Du brauchst gar keine Stempel!!!

  3. Very nice. yes, I do think you have to walk away a bit before you can properly evaluate a card you made -- or any artwork really. I'm sure the little girl will love it.