Sunday 12 April 2015

Holidays and art journaling

Hey Crafters,

my girls and I have just returned from a week with my parents in the Alps. We had wonderful warm and sunny weather most of the time and spent a lot of time outdoors near the creek, which is our favorite place there. My daughters even complained that I "forgot" their Bikinis.

My parents are moving to a smaller place, where there isn't enough space for us to stay next holidays. So we also booked our summer holiday there at a local farm and now we're looking forward to it so much. They have cows and horses, cats naturally and I think sheep too. The girls are all crazy for it already.

Back home here, the cherry tree is in full bloom, and I admit I am glad to be back. I enjoy staying there, but it's always rather tiresome, because the kids need to be quiet and behave around my parents (my mother is ill and my father has always been one for calm and quiet).

Well, enough about my holiday plans, here's some crafty news:

I did it, I allowed myself the guilty pleasure of ordering twelve of Dyan's Dylusions spray mists.

I love to finally have them, I fell in love with them the moment I first saw them. And again a few weeks back, when I re-discovered Dyan's journaling for myself.

I also created my first page, just to try out some techniques with them...

I picked tones of pink, red and orange for the base, did some ghosting with stencils and a bit of regular stenciling. Then I covered the top and right edge with black and tried out the bleaching technique with my WPlus9 butterflies.

To do that, you stamp the images with black archival ink onto the black. Then you lift up the black color within the stamped images with  a wet brush and remove it with a paper towel. You may have to do that several times. Then you replace the black ink with another color, in this case I used pink and some orange for color variation. Dyan filled water brushes with her spray mists and uses them, but I didn't want to invest in all these water brushes, so I just dropped a bit of the color onto a slick surface and used a regular brush to pick it up.

I stamped another butterfly on a separate piece of paper, colored it, cut it out and adhered it with the wings lose. Then I stamped some weeds along the bottom and added some faux stitching. The text is handwritten an cut out crookedly.

I am not really all that happy with it, I think the paper may have too much texture for this technique, and I feel like I don't have enough space to leave different pieces out to dry and work on several backgrounds at once.

I share my craft desk with my kids and there is the box with all the pens, pencils, tools and stuff on the desk as well, so I don't really have that much space to spread out on.
This has been bothering me for a while, because I'd really like my crafty area better organized, but I also don't want to spend a lot of money on new furniture or ruin the look of my living room even more.

Well, I'll keep pondering that problem, maybe I'll find a solution eventually.

Happy crafting


  1. Tolle Seite! Mir gefällt sie. Mach ruhig weiter damit. Du wirst sehen, bald gefallen dir deine Arbeiten auch besser. Ich habe mir vor einiger Zeit selbst ein paar Dylusions gekauft, sie aber außer zum Testen noch nie benutzt. Asche auf mein Haupt! Langsam sollte ich mich mal rantrauen.

  2. Also mir gefaellt diese SEite echt gut - diese Farben - suuuuuuper!