Thursday 18 December 2014

Christmas preparations

Hey Crafters, 

I must apologize, it's been very quiet here lately. You'll probably have guessed it: Christmas is coming fast and I am - again - behind in my preparations. Every year I promise myself to get going early. Every year I think it must be possible, to do it all, before it starts to get stressful.
And I made a good start too, I had most of my cards ready in November. 

But as usual, Christmas has crept up quietly and now it's stabbing me in the back. 

I had a booth at a local craft fair for two evenings last week-end, which kept me busy with preparations for quite a while. It was the first time ever for me. Unfortunately I can't say I sold all that much. But it sure was way more fun than I had expected. The other crafters and artists were really, really nice and welcoming, and I am considering to join their Easter fair this year, even though it really didn't pay.  

My daughters have been ill, one after the other which has ruined my plans entirely. I couldn't do any Christmas shopping for 4 weeks, because I always had a sick child at home, and they were really weak and feverish. I've changed and washed piles of bed sheets, because if no kid was sick on them, then surely the cat would step in. 

And if that hadn't been enough, my mother-in-law had to be brought to hospital in an ambulance this week. We're not yet sure what and how bad it is, we just have to hope that she'll be better soon.

But despite all difficulties, I'll get there in the end. The school holidays are close, tomorrow is the last day of school, and I only have 3 more workdays to go. Also I did a lot of shopping yesterday, with my sick child in tow (poor thing), and completed the rest of it today, when their Dad was looking after them for me. 

Now I only have to buy the tree, wrap all the presents (which includes creating my own wrapping paper this year  - stupid me), write and send the cards and those gifts that need to go in the mail. And plan (and shop) the Christmas dinner, which has fallen to me now. Poor family, I'm no good in  the kitchen. 
Boy, I better don't think of it, the longer I think, the longer the list gets...

Anyhow, I managed to craft something today. As teacher's gifts are due tomorrow I created 7 little tags to go with them. I didn't use the tags I had, because I wanted them to go with the candles, but my girls wanted to use the cat stamps. So I compromised on the cat tangled in Christmas lights. On the back they say "Merry Christmas and a happy new year" and the names of my girls.

Here's a picture of the tags. I colored all different cats, but kept the light bulbs all in red and green, because that's what I used on the candles.

And here one of the whole gift with the wrapping and Phoebe. 

I absolutely love those Newton's Nook cats, they are so cute, without being too cutesy. 

I wish you all a relaxed and healthy Christmas time. I'll try to post some more the next days, but I simply can't promise.


Muse: #98  


  1. Such beautiful tags, Ela, I love them all! Despite all imponderabilities you've done so well. I hope your mother-in-law will get well soon and get back home in time for Christmas. I can guess what you're going through my father-in-law's currently in hospital, too. Don't stress yourself with the Christmas dinner but prepare the traditional stress-free German treat: Brühwürstchen with Kartoffelsalat. That's what we're doing this year and I bet it'll be a hit.

  2. Gute Besserung an deine Schwiegermama, bestimmt wird alles gut, ich drücke euch die Daumen!
    Alles Liebe

  3. Now those are some seriously cute tags - and so many of them! Amazing you found the time to do that! I never find time to make tag - I'm glad if I can get all my cards done in time!
    Ein Deutscher Kommentar? Dann sprichst Du wahrscheinlich Deutsch, oder? LG Cornelia

  4. Wow! What a fantastic project! I love how you coloured the kittens differently! So glad you joined us at Muse this week!

  5. Hey Ela!! Your tags are so cute! I love all the different colors of your cat. Nicely done. Such cute gifts.

  6. All your tags are so cute - love the sweet cat image! Your real cat looks identical to my cat ....I just hope yours isn't as naughty as mine! Merry christmas - hugs xx