Tuesday 8 April 2014


Hello Everyone,

I had a pretty unproductive week, in every aspect. My daughters were home ill all week, though not ill enough to keep quiet. Without school to power them out, they are pretty "lively"...

I had strained my back on the week-end, so contrarily to my girls I was on low energy all week, which is definitely not the best combination.

But this week the girls are back in school, so I have peace and quiet in my home office once again.

So I didn't do much crafting (or housework, or anything) last week, but I this picture really caught my attention:

All those doodled flowers, I love it. I am still very tempted to join the class, even if it has started by now. And it made me remember how I used to doodle in class, when I was still in school. That was never as artsy as that of course, but I enjoyed it a lot.

So I grabbed a piece of paper and tried if I can still do it... Man I am way out of practice. I never used to think about it, but now I was completely lost. That was really difficult. In addition to being out of practice, I used to do this in my homework book, where there is limited space. A whole blank page to fill is entirely intimidating.

Therefore last night, after my back was much better I changed my approach. Instead of a whole page, I cut a card sized panel, traced my big Hello die and sketched in some basic shapes with pencil all around. Once I was happy with that, I switched to a black pen and started from there. With the space already divided in smaller areas, it was much easier. I also printed out some doodles I liked from the internet, to use as inspiration for my patterns.

Now I am wondering how to complete the card. I have several options. For one, I could leave it as it is in black and white, or use a Hello die cut on top of the white hello. Here are just some of the options, I have pretty much any bright cardstock color, but I didn't want to die cut them all... I could also imagine that teal / aqua would look nice.


What do you think? Any suggestions?


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  1. I like the yellow-red one Best. The two-tone quality of it complements the monochromatic doodling I think.