Wednesday 11 December 2019

Another coffee rainbow

Hi Crafters, 

how do you feel today? 

I most certainly feel like coffee. Unfortunately there is none in the house.

Our French exchange students have been with us almost a week now and they are very lovely girls. Very friendly and open, really nice. But communication is difficult. The 4 girls have been learning each others languages for only 2 years, and while I have studied French for 5 years at school, that was really long ago. I am rather shocked how much of it is gone. It's enough for the basic stuff, but not enough to keep a proper conversation up. I really wish they'd speak English, that would have been so much easier. Tomorrow morning they are leaving already.

My cat has had X-ray done yesterday, but the vet didn't find the cause for her lack of appetite. The has has painkillers and antibiotics again, but she still won't eat. She's always been small and slight, but now she's skin and bones. I am getting desperate.

To the card:
Since I created this card and found my cactus stamp was slightly too big - or maybe just placed wrong - I was looking at my stash on the look out for the perfect image. And I found it or rather them. They are three different to-go coffee cups. I think I will have to create that card again with these. 

But today, I developed the idea into a different direction. I wanted the grey cups, the fading shadows and a prominent rainbow cup. But instead of a rectangle I created a line of cups, popping up the bright rainbow cup on foam tape. 

But that was a bit blank, so I added some stencilled coffee rings before I adhered the bright cup. This was better, but I still wanted more colour. Since the sentiment was still missing, I decided to create a rainbow strip and stamp a simple sentiment on it and stick it across the grey cups. 

Unfortunately I used a sentiment that turned out slightly too large for my taste, so I cut it down. Not sure I like how I solved this, maybe I should just have created another rainbow strip and re-done it with a smaller sentiment. I do have lots of Happy Birthday sentiments after all. 
Even though I never seem to have the perfect sentiment for what I am creating at any given time. 

So, that's it for me, I'm off to make coffee hot chocolate. 

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