Wednesday 18 December 2019

Cherry blossom thanks

Hi Crafters,

to balance my very sad news, I'd like to  tell you something more cheerful today, even though to me it feels bitter sweet right now.

Some of you may know, that my girls and I moved house just before Christmas last year. Our  landlady lives downstairs from us, in the same house, and we instantly connected. She is a lovely person and she and I have a lot in common for example our cats. As you know, my girls and I had three cats (sadly now only 2), among them our red tom Benny. She too had a red tom called Benny. We laughed a lot, when we first found that out. 

Unfortunately her Benny disappeared last summer without a trace and all of us were heartbroken. We have been searching everywhere, asking around, but he simply didn't turn up anymore. 

On Friday the 6th (St. Nicolas day) I received a phone call from the pet registration agency, asking for my landlady. She had given them my number, when she went on holiday. The little stray has actually turned up, happy, healthy and for some reason well fed, at the other end of town. Nobody knows where he's been in the past 6 months, but a lovely family noticed him and had his chip read out.

I immediately called my landlady and she point blank refused to believe it, until she had proof, for fear of raising false hope. Since she couldn't leave work at the time, I went to pick him up right after I finished that call. Now he is back home, dozing on the oven bench, his favourite spot. And all of us are so happy for the two of them. Since he has the same name and colouring as our Benny, we almost feel like he's ours as well.

So, to go with our St. Nicholas wonder, I picked a thank you card for today's post. It's a very simple one layer card. I coloured the cherry blossoms with Polychromos pencils and added a Thank you sentiment. 

Wishing you a nice day

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  1. Eine wunderschöne Geschichte, es geschehen eben doch noch Wunder und Deine Karte ist ist wunderschön CAS und sagt doch alles aus.
    LG Gundi