Tuesday 17 December 2019

Beloved Nala

Hey Crafters, 

I've been absent a few days, I am morning the loss of my beloved Nala. 
As I wrote last week, I went to the vet again the same day but she couldn't save her life. I am still very shaken and would rather not tell the whole story.

So I am concentrating on her life, rather than her death. 

She was a lovely girl, very small, slim and agile with a small round head and huge green eyes. Her fur was long and silky and wonderfully coloured in bright red, black and white. 

She came to us, from a family who couldn't cope with her liveliness. Nala was a very playful kitty and she demanded to be played with. It took here merely a few weeks to realise, that chewing cards and papers was the way to get my full attention. She loved to play fetch with hair ties, chasing them across the living room and returning them to me. I don't remember how we discovered it, but it was nothing we taught her, she started that herself.

I know, this could be dangerous, but hair ties was the only thing she didn't try to eat. Otherwise she quickly taught us to clear away all kinds of plasticy things, like decorative ribbon, balloons etc. She's chew and swallow all of that, if she got hold of it.

 A very agile cat, there was no spot in the house she couldn't reach. My little queen loved sitting up high on some shelf and look down on her subordinates. 

But she was also a very cuddly cat, when she wanted to. She used to sleep on my laptop while I worked, every once in a while getting up and demanding to be loved and groomed. Then she would curl up on my lap until she had enough. Seeing the empty spot there breaks my heart.

I still cannot understand how that could have happened. 

I hope you'll have a good day, despite my sad story and leave you with a few more pictures of my little girl - actually, I may have overdone it  a bit. 

Love Ela


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  1. Oh je, das tut mir so leid, sie war wirklich eine einzigartige und tolle Katze, wie Du sie beschrieben hast. Sie konnte bei Dir noch eine schöne Zeit verbringen und Ihre Eigenheiten leben.

    Mit diesen tollen Erinnerungen und Erfahrungen ist sie nun in ihre Spirit Nation zurückgekehrt und wird diese damit um einiges bereichern.

    Mein herzliche Beileid und viel Kraft mit Gedanken an die schönen Zeiten. Sie ist nicht weit weg....

    GLG Claudia