Sunday 8 December 2019

Feeling ruff

Hi Crafters,

I hope you are not feeling ruff today.

I  actually do find life a bit rough at the moment. My cat has been sick with pancreatitis for several days now and  I am worried sick, since she won't eat and she is so skinny anyway. 

To go with my general mood, I created this card for the Live like Roo card drive. I still have to send of my package, which means it'll certainly be late in arriving, but I simply didn't manage any faster, with everything going on. 

Have a wonderful Sunday


  1. Jetzt musste ich erst mal nach der Krankheit googlen. Oh je, die arme Miez, ich hoffe der Tierarzt kann ihr helfen und sie ist bald wieder gesund.
    Dem kleinen Hündchen auf Deiner Karte geht es da viel besser. Super niedlich.
    LG Gundi

  2. Sorry about your cat... hope she feels better soon. Sweet card.