Saturday 16 August 2014

Sponged Birthday card

Hey Crafters,

today was my last day of work, so now I have 2 glorious weeks of freedom. And on Sunday I'll have my girls back (I miss them) and we're starting off to the mountains for a week. Normally I'd be way to paranoid to post this kind of information on the internet, but this time, no problem, we're having house sitters staying at our place.

Some family members of my in-laws are staying for a holiday, and as we're away they can have our place all to themselves. That's pretty neat, this way I have someone to feed and play the cats and they have a place to stay.

I had planned to go swimming a lot during our stay in the mountains, but the forecast is bad, so I'll probably have to think of other ways to play the girls tired. Very unlucky, the lake would have been perfect for all our needs.

So, before I'll be all busy tomorrow, I'd like to show you the very quick and easy card I created today.

I didn't have much time, but I wanted to test my new low tack spray adhesive that I ordered for stenciling. I haven't tried any wet media yet, but for sponging it worked fine and the stencil didn't shift one bit and still came of very clean and easy.

I hope you have a great week. Keep your fingers crossed for me, for some nice weather.

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