Sunday 10 August 2014

Colorful clay

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying summer as much as we do.

For a friend's birthday, my girls and I painted more clay flower pots, to create a garden decoration. We used acrylic paint and outdoor spray varnish to seal the color. These pots are not glued together, but will be lined up on a bamboo stick. In the top pot she can plant a flower of course.

I do hope she likes it, it was heaps of fun and I can imagine doing more of these.

Actually she wished for her birthday party invitations to be handmade by me, because she lacks the time at the moment. She wanted a design I had already done before, nothing new, so I spent several days mass producing peacock feathers (30 invitations!) with my inktense pencils. Actually, I made a few more for myself, while I was at it.

I didn't want to paint all the envelops too, so I got colored envelops in matching colors, and packed it all in a (store bought) gift box. The box is just her style, I think she'll love it and the colors fit quite well with the feathers too.

As she wanted to print directly on the card base, I gave her the cardstock to print on last week and threw in a tape runner so she can stick the panels on the card base. It all fits in the box quite nicely, there would even be space for the cardstock. But I thought it would be easier to print on full sheets and cut and score them afterwards.

Happy summer

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