Friday 24 January 2014

Knitting madness

Hi there,

I've been pretty busy over the Christmas holidays, most of all because I had to work most of the time, with my girls at home. No mercy for single Moms at my office.

And I got infected by a knitting virus. My mother gave my daugthers loop scarfs, that I instantly fell in love with. Mom, why didn't I get any? (I'm save, she's not reading anything on the internet)

My sister-in-law and mother-in-law both also liked them a lot, so I decided to knit some myself. They are made from thick wool, knitted with even larger needles (European 12, which I consider more of a weapon than a needle), so I can finish a scarf in about 2-3 evening.

It brought back happy childhood memories. My mother was always knitting socks, nonstop, even in summer. Most of them she donated to Unicef to be sold at the local Christmas market. And of course all of the family would get a symbolic single sock, for which she'd knit the second one during Christmas holidays, because with all the knitting for the market she hadn't gotten round to them any earlier.

And while I was at it, I taught my dauthers to crochet. Now I have wooly pieces everywhere in the house. I am not yet sure if it was a good idea.

Anyhow, so here are the originals:

And my versions:

My own is not yet done. I created half of it yesterday, but this week-end I am participating in the "Stenciled" online card class, so I won't have any time for knitting.

So wishing you a crafty week-end

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