Monday 23 November 2020

Hello Pirate

Hello Everyone, 

how are you?

Today's card is a piece of ancient history. 

I found this pirate card panel in my stencil storage basket when I was re-organizing my stencils into a file folder. I had created it way back and ruined it with some glue on the front that left a shiny spot. So I never used it, forgot all about it and obviously managed to drop it into that basked by accident.  

Pulling it out again, I thought the shiny spot wasn't soo bad after all. I wanted to make it work.

I wanted my card base pale blue but didn't have any card stock that pale. So I blended some blue ink onto a white card base. Then I distressed the edges of my panel and adhered it to the base.

I wanted the Hello sentiment in the same pale blue so I blended some more ink on another piece of card stock to cut the Hello out. I also stacked it up to give it more dimension. I added a black sentiment strip and some sequins in strategic spots and now the shiny spot is still visible, but not very obvious anymore. 

I like how this card turned out, even though it's not quite my usual style. 

So, what do we learn? Mistakes are just an opportunity for embellishments! 
And probably that I am less of a perfectionist these days than I was in the past. 



  1. Total schön in den Aquarellfarben!! LG Gundi

  2. I'm glad you rescued this card, Ela! I think it's pretty and very unique!