Wednesday 11 November 2020

Birthday shakers and ink blending

Hello Everyone, 

how have you been? 

A while ago, my daughter and I spent a wonderful evening together, ink blending background panels together. Look at this happy mess...

I created a whole lot of panels with the chevron patterns because I still wanted to create more shaker cards like this one: 

Meanwhile, I made a bunch of shaker cards over several days, one day die-cutting circles and balloons and glueing the die-cuts to acetate, next day cutting off the access acetate and creating shaker wells etc. 

The two striped panels were made with metallic watercolours. 

I love how all of these turned out. I still have lots more panels, so I might well make another batch soon. After all, shakers are always fun. 

Have a good day

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  1. Das ist ja wirklich eine klasse Auswahl an Hintergründen, den Spaß verstehe ich gut. Mir fehlt für solche Aktionen eine Tochter, mein Sohn hat daran kein Interesse. LG Gundi