Sunday 5 October 2014

Stylefile Markers

Hi Crafters,

I almost missed it, but yesterday it was world card-making day! That makes me feel a little less guilty, about what I have to confess today: I've been bad!

I went to the art suppies store, just to buy some off-white cardstock. And there it was: THE SIGN!

Special offer, the set of 12 Stylefile alcohol markers (assorted by color) for 19,90 Euro. That's 1,66 Euro per marker, as opposed to 2,39 Euro which they normally cost. And that is already so much cheaper than the Copics are (4,24 Euro for a Ciao; 6,99 Euro for a regular Copic).

Something in my head must have gone "bing" and I couldn't stop myself from buying three sets, the greens, the blues and the browns. I really shouldn't have. And there are two more sets, the yellows and the reds which I didn't buy, but already I am thinking that maybe... Just maybe... 

I don't have many copic to compare them with, but I like the Stylefiles much more than the Spectrum Noirs I have. I own 4 blending sets (red, yellow, green and teal) of the older Spectrum Noirs (the square ones). But I don't cope too well with them. Especially the greens don't blend for me, the shades of green just don't seem to match. And the caps go off so hard, that it really annoys me. Though I have heard that's a feature, not a bug.

Anyway, I played a little with my new markers tonight, swatching out all my alcohol markes in one sheet. 

And as I said, I already like them so much better. They are round, which supposedly is a flaw as they can roll off the table. But I like round. The caps go on and off easily, the colors all seem to have partners to blend them with and there are not just 12 shades of the same color - which I would have considered a bit much. E.g. in the greens, there are greenish greens, but also tealish greens, that are less blue as the teals I have in my spectrum noir collection. In the blues there are also some greys and different shades of blue. And in the browns there are pale pinks and a red mixed in. 
And though I don't have that set, in the reds there are pinks and purples. 
On the down side, they don't have a brush tip, but you can't have everything.

I you like to check them out, they also have them in their online shop. Though the shipping is rather expensive.

Have a great week-end

P.S: Sorry for the bad pictures, it's late at night... no natural light available.

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