Friday 8 January 2021

Happy Birthday from the heart

Hello Everyone, 

how did the first week in 2021 go for you all?

I had 4 days off work last week, which was wonderful and desperately needed at that. I am not much looking forward to having to work again next week, but at least everyone will be back from their Christmas holidays. The last two weeks of December were very stressful...

Today, I'd like to share some die-cut inlay cards I made, with the is very intricate hearts die. 


I started out by inking a card panel to get some nice gradients. Then I cut the die from the inked panel and white and inlayed the coloured pieces three different ways, to see what worked best. 

For the first card, I stacked up the white harts, so they have dimension. For the second card, I didn't cut the coloured panel, but only made an impression with the die, thinking that might be easier, so I could just glue on the hearts. Did work too well. It was the first time using my embossing mat and I messed it up, so the cardstock cracked slightly in some places. It's not very noticeable, with the hearts adhered, so I still used it for a card. 

For the last card I went back to regular inlay, but this time I inlayed it flat and added some dimension behind the whole piece, not only the hearts.

I love how they all turned out, I'd love these in all kinds of colour combinations, but the intricate inlay is just a little much for mass production. 

Have a beautiful day

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  1. I love all 3 of these, Ela!! I dont see any of the cracks in the 2nd one either!