Tuesday 23 March 2021

Easter Chickies

Hello Everyone, 

how are you keeping up? Me personally, I've been sick of Corona measures for a long time now, but we are still sticking to them anyway. After all, it's worked for us so far, no one in the family has had it. 

Since we're not able to see people this year - again -  I made some Easter cards. 

Also, almost all of the supplies I used were a Birthday from the best Penpal there ever was (XOXO) and I wanted to play with them so, so, soo much. 

I started out without a clear idea, by stamping and colouring the chicks and cutting them out. I love that stamp, it's so cute and can be used for Easter cards, without screaming Easter... 

Then I decided to ground them on a wonkily stitched panel with some soft ink blending and a simple stamped sentiment. I tried a piercing die on one of the panels but liked it better without the pierced dots. 

Then I used 2 different background stamps on the card base. I liked the pink caleidoscope stamp well enough, but it was slightly too busy. And then I totally fell for the bold brush strokes. That's so versatile. So I tried it out in different colours of Oxides.

Which version do you like best?

For the envelopes, I decided to use up some very old patterned papers, that I never used and am not likely to miss. I picked matching colours or patterns as best I could. I am proud to finally have made use of these papers. 

Lots of love

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  1. I LOVE all of these, Ela!!! If I was forced to pick a favorite, I think it would be the one with the pink background. I'm so glad you love your birthday gift :) You are the best pen pal ever, too!!!