Saturday 18 November 2017

Cat adventures and a Baby card with Schorschi

Hey out there, 

how are you? 

I had a bit of a shock this week. My older cat, Phoebe, has lately started having epileptic seizures very frequently - well, frequently, when untreated that is. Of course we went to the Vet and had her checked and got medication for her. So she usually does not have any seizures at the moment, but the dosage is rather high and she is constantly drowsy and clumsy now. And she is totally misbehaved when it comes to food. In the past she would have watched us eat with big eyes and a hopeful purr, but nowadays she would probably sit on our plates and steal bits from the fork if we would let her. 

Also she used to be an easily scared cat - not shy, but very jumpy. She never went outside, even if the door was open, the world out there was just too scary. 

Last Thursday, she managed to open the front door and sneak out late at night. By the time we realised, it was morning and the night had been a very cold one. I spent all day searching and calling vets and animal shelters in the area, worried sick, because she isn't used to the outdoors and she didn't have her medication. It was so out of character for her, I actually thought she had gone out to die somewhere alone. 

You can't believe my relief, when my father-in-law told me that he had chased up a cat in the garden, but he wasn't sure it's mine. I started looking all over again, and really, I found her in the last corner underneath some toys and stuff, shivering for cold and fear. Stupid thing, the front door was open almost all day... She actually let me pick her up and carry her inside, where she hid somewhere to recover from the shock, the poor thing. 

Happy to have her back, I spent the rest of the day, telling all the vets, shelters, friends and family that I had her back. Don't tell my boss, I should have worked, but I can't say I was very effective that day. I made up for it yesterday, working late. And I had the front door repaired today, so she can't open it anymore now - just in case she didn't learn from that experience.

So, done with cats, today I have another furry friend to show you: my favourite donkey Schorschi on a baby card. He's so cute and he doesn't run away.

This time I coloured him with my ZIG Markers, just a bit of simple shading. I cut him out and sponged some pink ink on the card base, where I wanted him to go. Then I stamped the Baby's name directly on the card base with the beautiful Concorde&9th Perfectly Penned stamp set. 
Sorry you can't see that, I covered up the name, because I didn't think the parents would want me to reveal the name on the Internet. 

The Hello was stamped on white card stock and coloured pink, while the outside was coloured in cool grey, to tie in with the donkey's colour.

And since it's for a little girl, it needed sequins, so I chose matching colours and scattered them in clusters around the card. 

Have a great day

Simon says stamp:  Furry Friends


  1. Ella, thanks for visiting today! I had to return the favor and much to my delight! This is absolutely so cute! I love your use of Zigs and probably need to check out 'Perfectly Penned" the peeks look wonderful. Have a wonderful day, praying your kitty gets better and is on her best behavior!

  2. Oh so cute, Ela. Love that you used a donkey image for a baby girl’s card. Love the pink sponged background.

  3. Wonderful CAS card Ela! The donkey is super cute & so beautifully coloured.
    Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge
    Mandy xx

  4. Your card is so super cute, Ela!! Just love the simple design and wonderfully fun image. :)