Sunday 21 December 2014

Gift wrapping mania

Hi Crafters,

today I am almost back on schedule with my Christmas preparations, thanks to my still ill daughther, who woke me early on Saturday morning to ensure my bed sheets got washed again. I'll spare you the details. As I didn't have a bed to sleep in anymore, I got up at 6:00 and started gift wrapping, so I got a whole lot done on Saturday.
Today was not as productive, but still pretty busy. We decorated the tree for my in-laws, bought our tree, visited some friends with little gifts and I started creating more wrapping paper. That's still on my schedule for tonight.

But  before I start, I'll just quickly show you the some of what I did yesterday...

The first set are made from little flat white bags, for cards or small juwelry. I wrote Merry Christmas at an angle all over them and tied them shut with red ribbon to which I added a few small bells or baubles and the tag.  The one on the far left is different, that's from one of my daughters to the other. We stamped snowflakes all over the bag and closed it with a blue fuzzy ribbon. The tag is colored by my daughter.

The next is very simple, I kept the white paper and tied a bright pink ribbon around several times. You might guess, it's for a girl. Therefore the tag is kept in pink as well. 

The next one was rather large, so I devided for something quicker and splattered the paper with colored inks for my mister bottles. 

Now, I need to get the ones for my own kids done. 

Hope you have a less busy time!


  1. Sehr liebevoll eingepackte Geschenke! Froehliche Weihnachten!

  2. Die Geschenke hast Du toll verpackt

    liebe Grüße